Through beautiful, unstructured dinner parties powered by a growing network of hosts, we invite those who’ve experienced significant loss to dive into long-tabooed territory, sharing a defining part of ourselves that rarely sees the light of day.

Rather than treat loss as the ultimate conversation-killer, we’re using it to inspire some of our most profound conversations and deepest relationships. Our conversations aren’t just about dying, but about how losing someone we love makes us reconsider how we live.

Each Dinner Party table is overseen by 1-2 hosts, and usually consists of 8-10 people, who get together for on-going potluck dinner parties.

Where possible, we try to connect folks with other shared interests and experiences: people you’d want to hang out with on any given Saturday. We’re not promising you’ll meet your new bestie, but we’re not promising you won’t.

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What are you passionate about? How do you choose to spend your weekends? Is there a particular community with whom you self-identify, and would like to connect with?
Ideally, how frequently would you want to get together?
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