Our team includes 275+ hosts across the country—men, women, and gender non-conforming folks, gay and straight, of various colors and creeds and histories, who spend their days as chefs, artists, lawyers, therapists, yoga instructors, graphic designers, academics, students, writers, creators, and more.


Lennon Flowers / Co-Founder + Executive Director / Los Angeles

Lennon lost her mom during her senior year of college, following a four-year fight with lung cancer. Three years later, she hitched up her wagon and headed West. Three-thousand miles away from home, she found she no longer had anyone with whom she could talk about her mom, and explore the way in which her life, death, and absence continued to affect her. When Carla, a friend, colleague, and soon-to-be roommate, invited her over for dinner, it was a no-brainer. She most recently served as the Community Director of Ashoka's Start Empathy Initiative, and has written for CNN, Forbes, Open Democracy, EdWeek, YES! Magazine, and GOOD, among others. She is an Ashoka Fellow and an Aspen Ideas Scholar, and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill. 

Carla Fernandez / Co-founder / Los Angeles

The family dinner table is sacred ground in the Fernandez family - so when her dad passed away of brain cancer, coming back to the table was a natural way for Carla to connect with others and unpack the experience of life after loss.  When not cooking up a mean vegetarian paella, Carla is the Community Lead of enso, a creative agency working with brands like Google, Khan Academy, and Omidyar Network on branding and community activation campaigns. 

Dara Kosberg / Founding Team Member + Chief Business Officer / San Francisco

Dara is a founding team member of The Dinner Party (TDP), a nonprofit organization out to transform life after loss from an isolating experience into one marked by community support, candid conversation, and forward movement. She joined TDP before its launch in 2013 as Chief Community Builder to create that same feeling of community and shared understanding for others that she experienced at her first Dinner Party. She's now developing a corporate program for TDP to change workplace culture around loss. Dara is a strategy consultant with 15 years of experience developing educational programs and cross-sector partnerships at nonprofit and for-profit organizations. She has a MA in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies from Stanford University's Graduate School of Education.


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Becca Bernstein / Community Director / Chicago

Becca first discovered the Dinner Party on Thanksgiving morning of 2015 (gratitude, anyone?), 2 weeks after her mom died from Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD) and ALS. Never having expected that most of her 20s would involve caregiving for a terminally ill parent, she was ridiculously grateful to find the Dinner Party community. Along with her incredible co-host, Mark, she founded a table in Philadelphia and her love of TDP took off from there. She feels so lucky to be the Dinner Party’s newest Community Director. Prior to TDP, Becca worked at a range of nonprofits and colleges/universities, including the Center for Civic Reflection, the University of Maryland’s Leadership & Community Service-Learning Office, and, most recently, on issues of gender, sexuality, and sexual violence at Swarthmore College. Outside of work, Becca loves reading old mystery novels, seeing live music, and rooting for her beloved Chicago sports teams.

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Elizabeth Jones / Community Coordinator / Brooklyn

Elizabeth credits NYC with helping her figure out a way to do life amid loss - it's also where she first stumbled on The Dinner Party. Elizabeth's mother committed suicide when she was 19 years old - three years later, her boyfriend died in a scuba diving accident. The Dinner Party gave her a space filled with humans who (finally!) could relate to the confusion that is grief in your 20s. Elizabeth grew up in Las Vegas, NV and, pre-TDP, worked as the lead fundraiser for Global Health Corps. In addition to an obsession with visiting all 50 states before she turns 30, Elizabeth adores good people, good sleep, and good food - and is pushing herself to write more about her experience with grief and those she's lost.


Taylor Rae / Community Development Officer / Brooklyn

Taylor Rae feels at home joining The Dinner Party in building empowering, authentic social spaces and solidarity networks. Since losing her uncle to lung cancer shortly after graduating from college, Taylor was inspired to shift toward downsizing and simple living, realizing the intrinsic value of memory, experience and most of all, spirit. A 2013 graduate of Williams College, where she majored in English and Philosophy, Taylor translates the privilege of her liberal arts education to community-oriented media as a freelance writer and social media consultant, representing independent artists and nonprofits. She is passionate about radical municipalism, inclusive infrastructure and philosophy of narrative. A creative writer who eventually will return to fiction, Taylor currently manages Little Local Life, a lifestyle blog on urban sustainability, regenerative economy and millennial minimalism in Brooklyn.

Gabriel Back-Gaal / Former Community Development Officer / Brooklyn  

Gabe lost one of his moms to ovarian cancer when he was a teenager. After years of processing his grief through movement and writing, Gabe heard about The Dinner Party - a community where people could live their grief among others, without feeling the need to box it up and hide it away - and began hosting a table in Brooklyn, NY. Outside of The Dinner Party, Gabe’s work includes babysitting and co-chairing the New York chapter of COLAGE, a community-building and leadership-development organization run by and for people with one or more LGBTQ+ parent. He is deeply interested in the intersections of identity, social justice, and holistic well-being, and hopes to continue bringing these diverse threads together in his work.


Heather Abbott / Former Community Director / Dallas

Heather is a visual storyteller who specializes in photo/videography and editing, graphic arts, volunteerism and activism. She helped found The Dinner Party’s (TDP) first table in Austin, TX in 2014 before returning to her home city, Dallas. Today, she leads The People's Supper's efforts as Community Director, managing our ever-growing host community and connecting them with guests, as well as working to build safe and inclusive communities for newcomers, longtime guests and hosts, and to give voice to collective and historic grief and trauma. She is one of several designers behind Say Their Name, begun in response to the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and is the voice and curator behind The Invisible Tomboy, a popular Instagram account working to challenge gender norms. She otherwise spends her days social cycling, fort-building and signing "rap karaoke" with friends. Heather has experienced three major losses her life – her father, her grandmother and her 17 year old cat. Despite processing grief daily, Heather still laughs a little longer, and little louder than others.

Somer Ann Greene / Former Community Development Intern / Cambridge, UK

Somer is a recent graduate of Occidental College, where she created her own academic major to pursue a career in Community Based Marketing and Research in the non-profit sector. She's currently living in England, studying at the University of Cambridge for her Masters in Sociology with an emphasis in Nonprofit Media and Culture. She is passionate about volunteerism and student activism, her work focusing on connecting students with Los Angeles community partners in service projects on and off the college campus. 

Sara Lord / Former Web Development Intern / NYC

Sara is a writer living in New York City. But before all that, she was a devoted daughter, who lost her Mom to sudden illness. Grief allowed her to focus on what truly made her happy which was how she found New York City and, subsequently, The Dinner Party.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude from San Francisco State University with a BA in English: Creative Writing. As the Web Development Intern, her main focus is the transition of TDP’s web platform.  

Jules Ostro / Former Community Director / Berkeley

Jules considers the dinner table a unique space for storytelling, connecting over ideas, and sharing ritual. After her father passed away from breast cancer in 2008, Jules hoped to find a community that embraced #realtalk and found that in TDP when she first met co-founders Lennon and Carla in 2011. Jules has been a part of TDP's core team since 2015, and in her first eight months oversaw a 300% growth in active Dinner Party tables and cities. Jules graduated from UCLA magna cum laude, balancing her passion for the humanities and commitment to social research by studying Art History and researching stigma and stereotype threat. Prior to that, Jules completed an internship with mentally disabled children and adults at Ability First and received awards of recognition from both the CA State Senate and Legislature. As of fall 2016, Jules has been a Research Assistant for an alternative sexualities study at the UC Berkeley Extension school, and is applying for graduate school in Sociology to study where grief meets gender and queerness. 

Our BOARD OF Advisors:

Marty Krasney / Executive Director of the Dalai Lama Fellows

Reid Williams / Philanthropist and private investor

Sebastian Buck  /  Co-founder and Strategic Lead / Enso

Delphyne J. Platner / Ph.D., MFT, CHT  

Jan Visick / Writer & Editor, Social Impact Evaluator

Sarah Perez / Affordable Housing and Community Development Attorney / Partner, Gubb & Barshay

Pam Allyn / Executive Director and Founder of LitWorld

Mary Anne Cook / Grief counselor /  Technology in Government Steward at Institute for Education